5 Tips for Safe Driving during the Rainy Season

After the scorching summer, comes the most awaited Monsoon or the rainy season. All of us plan to have a nice road trip to a hill station or such. However, the monsoon brings with itself different challenges on the road. There are many ways you can easily be prepared for any kind of situation that might arise and simple tips to keep in mind to drive safely and avoid a mishap on the road. In this article we have listed the top 5 safe driving tips which we feel are important.

Windshield wipers
A driver’s first line of defence during the rains is the car’s windshield wipers. Usually, the rubber wiper blades get worn due to the summer heat before the rainy season. A check of the blades should be done and replaced if it is found to be worn out. Also ensure the washer fluids are topped up as it will help clean the wind screen if muddy water gets splashed on it.

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