Application for a United States Tourist Visa (US Visa) – B2

Recently we were given this assignment for Application of a US Tourist Visa (Non-Immigrant) – B2 for a 20 year old Adult Indian living in MUMBAI, previously having an US Visa. Now that we have successfully received the Visa, we decided to share the experience and the procedures followed by us. All thanks to the Internet & the US Visa Information Call Center.

When we started with the application, some suggested hiring a Visa Consultant as it was our very first assignment. However, our initial research on the subject matter created a sense of comfort & confidence that the same can be done if work is done systematically.

List Documents to be kept handy during the US Visa application.
1. Original Passport (Copy would do, but we prefer keeping the Original)

Step By Step Procedure for Application of the US Tourist Visa ( B2 Visa)

  • Create a Login for your application on the US Travel Docs website which will give you access to you visa application dashboard. Here is the Link
  • Fill the Online Non Immigrant Visa Application Form (DS-160) on the Consular Electronic Application Center Website.
  • On completion of the DS-160, print the DS-160 confirmation.
  • Visa application payments need to be made. Payment methods are EFT & Bank Deposit. (We did it through the Bank Deposit Option wherein we deposited the amount in Axis Bank & got the payment receipt)
  • After 48 hours on payment,  your visa application dashboard is updated and you can schedule your interview and finger print appointment as per the date selected by you & print the confirmation letter which you have to take along with you during the interview.

If you get stuck up anywhere during the process or need some extra info it is best to call up the US Visa Information call center which is a very useful tool during the US Visa Application Process.

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