Format for Society NOC for Passport Issuance

For passport applicants getting the No Objection Certificate from their society has become a compulsory requirement. Many are confused of what is required in the NOC.

The requirement is very simple. The Passport Office just needs a confirmation from the Society that the Applicant resides in the society, the date of purchase and the details of the family members. To simplify this furthermore, attached herewith is a draft of the letter you need to get from the society on the society letter head.

Click on this link to get the draft for [PDF] Society NOC for Passport Application

19 thoughts on “Format for Society NOC for Passport Issuance

  1. I am living in a flat owned by my uncle but the names in the ration card include my uncle’s as well as my dad and mine. How do I apply for police clearance in that case and what should be the content of the letter that my society would issue to the local police station ?

  2. Dear Admin,

    Thank you for posts it helped me for acquiring passport – NOC from Society.

    Thank you.
    Sandeep Vaishya.

  3. Thank’s Admin i was little confused abt NOC letr & itz content that what to write in it & wat police exactly want in that.. ur PDF format clrd my confusion & queries.

  4. Hi Admin,

    I have an appointment on 26th September 2014,

    I am staying as a tenant and the only address I have is the Bank Statement for past 15 months.

    What else do I need to have as a address proof and would Leave License agreement required for the same.
    I cant share the LL because the date in the statement and LL is different
    Please help me ASAP
    Thanks in Advance

  5. I have applied for the passport and now the police people require NOC from my society to process my application. I live in a apartment at kharghar, Navi mumbai .when I contacted to my society people they said me to bring a letter from to issue the NOC. when I brought letter from my owner then they said that the letter should be on 20 Rs stamp paper . I got that also but now they are asking me to get it signed from the all the neighbor from my floor also to issue NOC. I dont know why they need my neighbor sign. The are harassing me like anything just to give a NOC. I got fedup with these bloody rascals.

    1. Sorry to hear this ..but then it shouldn’t be this way. However we would not be able to comment on the local authorities requirements. All we can do is sympathize..

  6. I’m staying in rented flat and my landlord is staying in abroad. In that case can noc from society of that apartment is sufficient?

  7. Hi. My permanent address is gone for redevelopment. I am residing with my uncle. I have updated his address in my bank account. Could you confirm further requirements. Also if you cld help noc format from society and uncle.

    1. Format is attached as a draft to this article.. Just change from society name to your uncles name and the draft should be ok for both the purposes.

  8. Hello,
    Now i am staying on rent but my documents have previous address on all documents.
    Kindly guide me how to manage all this.
    NOC from society is sufficient or do i need to take owners sign (He is on tour)

  9. For passport I had asked to get society’s noc letter but chairman and secretary of the society both were unavailable so I got it signed from the treasurer of the society so is it ok to get it signed by treasurer !???

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