How Can I Apply for a Tatkal Passport? FAQ’s

I need to change my address on the Passport and get the same done under the Indian Passport Tatkal Scheme. However during my earlier Passport police verification was not done? Can I still apply for the passport under the Tatkal scheme?
Ans: Yes, you can still apply for the Passport under the Tatkal scheme provided you get a Verification Certificate from a Police of Rank DIG / IG / DG of the Resident City or a General Manager of a Public Sector Undertaking Company.

For the entire list please refer:

Q. Is the Fee for Tatkal the same as the Normal Passport?Ans: No, currently the Fee for the Tatkal Application is Rs. 3500/- for a 36 Page Passport and Rs. 4000/- for a 60 page Passport.

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