How to apply for Schengen Visa for Spain ?

Recently one of our close friend decided to go to Spain for a short after exams vacation (so its evident that the visa applicant category will be Student). The destination was the beautiful country Spain. Home to top Football clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid and many other spanish la liga teams. So the challenge was how to we go about the same. Some suggested Google (thats always the first thing that comes up when it comes to gathering information) & yes thats what we did. After googling for a little while we came across VFS Global Services Website which is a Visa Facilitation Center for Visa Applications of many countries including the Americas and United Kingom to name a few.

As we generally do we decided to create a checklist for documents as per our the checklist required for a person who is a student. As documents submitted would include certain documents belonging to his parents.

Here is a brief checklist we created for the Schengen Visa Application for Spain.

1, Copy of the Passport (Most Important).
2. Duly filled Visa Application Form.
3. 2 Passport size photographs as per the requirements mentioned on the VFS Website.
4. Hotel Reservation Confirmation (Applicable if there are NO known residents to the applicant)
5. Day to Day Travel Itinerary for the duration of the stay.
6. Pan Card copy. (Both “Applicant & Parent”)
7. IT Returns for the last 3 years of the parents.
8. Bank Statements for the last 6 months with a balance of atleast 50000 INR (Do check the amount as its subject to change)
9. Travel Insurance with sum insured minimum 30000 Euros.
10. Sworn Declaration Of The Obligation Of Presenting A Travel Insurance (Check Draft Here)
11. Visa Purpose letter to be written to the embassy.

Do check for any other documents required as it might change from time to time.

The above documents needs to be submitted at
Plot no. 25, Aurum House, 2nd Floor, Dadyseth Lane (Lane next to Babulnath Temple), Babulnath, Mumbai – 400007

Finally the good news arrived and the Visa was issued. Do drop in your comments for any queries.

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