How well you know the “Mumbaiya Slang” Quiz

Ok Bhai Log ( Friends 😉 ) , through one of our articles (The “How Mumbaiya Are You” Test) we tested how much of a Mumbaiya you were with about 10 questions & we received some wonderful feedbacks from our readers who wanted us to create more such quizzes.

So we decided to test your Mumbaiya Quotient a little more. This quiz is going to test how much of the Mumbaiya Dialect you have been able to absorb. Below are simple Mumbaiya Slangs a.k.a Mumbaiya Tapoori Words, which are commonly used in Mumbai by various individuals. You just need to tell us the meaning of the words in English.

If you have any plans to visit Mumbai, you have to feed yourself with this information as you will hear this a lot & its good to be updated than feel offended. So lets roll…


1. Bantaay

2. Chaava

3. Ghoda

4. Item

5. Pandu

6. Bablya

7. Sutta

8. Mandavli

9. Pantar Log

10. Kalti Maar

11. Hari Patti

12. Dho Daalna

Angrezi Version

1. Best Friend

2. Good looking guy

3. Gun

4. Beautiful Girl

5. Cop

6. Bus Conductor

7. Cigarette

8. Negotiate / State of Compromise

9. Group / Gang

10. To Escape

11. Money

12. To Hit Someone

Mumbaiya Quotient Scale
>5 answers – you need to have a Tapoori Encounter.
6-9 answers – Born n Brought up in Mumbai. You are there living it the Mumbaiya Style.
10-12 answers – G0 dude. Create a Gang. Tum Toh Bhai (Gang Leader) Ho…

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