Quick & Healthy Salad – Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian

Here is the recipe for a Quick & Healthy Salad which starts off being a vegetarian salad and can be later converted into a Non-Vegetarian Salad


(For Vegetarian Salad)

150gms Tofu / Paneer slightly tossed in olive oil
5-6 Mushrooms slightly tossed in olive oil
American Sweet Corn
50gms Broccoli – Blanched
1 Capsicum Chopped – Red or Yellow
50gms Lettuce – any type
1 Onion diced – Preferably white
50gms sprouts
1 Tomatoe diced
50gms Celery diced

Olive Oil
2tbs Lemon Juice

(Additions for Non – Vegetarian Salad)

200gms boiled / grilled chicken (shredded or diced as per your preference)
2 boiled egg whites

Preparation Method

Take a big mixing bowl and mix the Tofu / Paneer, Sprouts, Lettuces, American Corn, Onions, Blanched Broccoli, diced tomatoes, capsicum, & celery. To this mixture add 2 table spoons of Lemon Juice & Olive oil and toss well. Then sprinkle little dried thyme leaves for flavour.  For people who love tangy flavor, can add a tablespoon of Hot & Sour Tomato Sauce to the mixture.

Now for the Non Vegetarian’s just add the boiled / grilled chicken & boiled eggs (Chopped) to the above mixture and a dash of pepper n salt.

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