Quiz: How well you know your favourite star Salman Khan?

Salman Khan is a very popular Bollywood Actor, Producer and also sings a few songs for his movies. He started his acting career in the year 1989. He is son of Salim Khan a veteran India actor and screenwriter.

Salman Khan

Often referred to as Bhai (Big Brother), Salman has been instrumental in mentoring and uplifting many aspiring actors.

If you claim to be his fan, then lets put you through a quick quiz about your favourite Super Star Salman Khan.

Lets see How well do you know you favourite star Salman Khan?



1) Lets start with a simple one? Whats Salman's date of birth?

2) Which one of these is Salman Khan's first movie as a lead role?

3) Which one of these songs is not Sung by Salman Khan?

4) For which movie did Salman Khan receive the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor?

5) Who played the role of Salman Khan's brother in the movie Chal Mere Bhai?

6) Which Heroine (Actress) made her debut opposite Salman Khan?

7) Where does Salman Khan stay in Mumbai?

8) In his 2016 EID Blockbuster Sultan, Salman Khan played the Role of a

9) Salman promotes his own NGO. What is the name of Salman Khans NGO?

10) In which of these movies Salman Khan's screen name is NOT Prem?

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