Scuba Diving in India

The most beautiful way to explore the undersea life is taking a dive with a Oxygen Cylinder on your back and learning a few gestures. We all call it SCUBA DIVING. Some 3-5 years down the line, when we heard the word Scuba our mind would take us to those gorgeous locations in Mauritius, The Great Barrier Reef, Seychelles etc… followed by a frown that the same cannot be done in India. But the whole picture has now changed.

Yes. We can do Scuba Diving in India. All thanks to the Tourism Ministry and the Scuba Enthusiasts who have made it possible for us. In-fact, now there are a number of Scuba Training Institutions in our country that provide Scuba Diving Lessons and prepare you for the Open Water Showdown.

A few of the Scuba Diving Locations in India are

1. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
2. Goa
3. Tarkarli, Sindhudurg District
4. Pondicherry
5. The Netrani Islands
6. The Lakshwadeep Islands

There might be a few others which you might want to share with us. Do not hesitate to use the comment box.

We would not be advertising any scuba operators through this post hence kindly GOOGLE it. But do not forget to check the PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Registration before booking your dive with the operator. For more info on PADI check their website. This is the best website for real-time and accurate information on various Scuba Dive Operators, PADI Courses, PADI Licences, Renewal of your PADI Licence & loads of other information regarding Scuba Diving across the Globe

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