The “how Mumbaiya are you” Test

Lets see how much of a Mumbaiya you are. Below are 10 questions which which make you aware of your Mumbaiya Quotient.

Q1. Mumbai International Airport is located in which area?

Q2. Which is the most famous art festival celebrated in Mumbai?

Q3. Which place in Mumbai do the the 2 famous Khans (Sharukh & Salman) reside?

Q4. What was Gateway of India originally known as?

Q5. The only Horse race course in Mumbai is located at?

Q6. What is known as the Life Line of Mumbai?

Q7. Out of the major 3, what mode of transport is not available in South Mumbai?

Q8. What is the name of the largest slum in Asia, which is located in Mumbai?

Q9. Mumbai was built on a group of how many islands?

Q10. Which is the most famous cricket stadium in Mumbai?

Here are the answers.

1. Sahar, Andheri East

2. The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

3. Bandra

4. The Apollo Bunder

5. Mahalakshmi

6. The Railways

7. Auto Rickshaw

8. The Dharavi Slum

9. 7 Islands

10. The Wankhede Stadium

Mumbaiya Quotient Scale
>3 answers – you need to have a Mumbai Darshan Trip Dude/tte
4-7 answers – We are sure its been a year or 2 for you in Mumbai.
8-10 answers –¬†Born n Brought up in Mumbai. You are the Real Mumbaiya.

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