Tips to boost your Samsung android phone speed

Through this article we will show you how to boost your android phone speed by some simple tricks. I recently got the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. The specs not that top quality but for an INR 17000 phone 1.2 Ghz Ram with 1.2GB of ram seems legitimate. Not to forget the screen size and its a dual sim phone. Last but not the least, its a Samsung Phone.

I was using the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which was better in terms of cpu speed. It cant be directly compared to a Note 2 but the mind does the comparision while you are using the new phone.

I started by checking the Home Screen toogle and felt that there is a lag. Also l, I could feel a lag when I pressed the home key to come back from the toggle mode to the home screen.

So the research started on how to boost the android phone speed with out the use of any downloaded apps. So here are a few settings that might help you to slightly improve the response time of your Samsung Galaxy Phone.

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