What is the procedure & documents required for Address Change in an Indian Passport ?

The change of address on an Indian Passport is treated as a “Re-Issue Case” wherein a fresh passport is issued to the citizen after successful completion of all formalities at the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) which is a branch of the Mumbai Passport office created for the convenience of the citizens. (Click Here For PSK Locations in Mumbai)

The procedure is pretty simple.

Step 1. Create an online login Id on the Passport Seva Website: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/user/userLogin

Step 2. After Logging in Select the option “Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport”

Step 3. Now there are 2 options to fill the form for the appointment at the PSK.

a. Online: Here you have to fill the form online and proceed. You need to keep your existing passport ready.

b. Offline: Here you take a printout of the form and fill it and than scan and upload the same at leisure.

Step 4. On successful completion and submission of the form, print the payment receipt and make the payments.

Step 5. Once the payment status is updated (which takes 3 working days) you can schedule an appointment.

92 thoughts on “What is the procedure & documents required for Address Change in an Indian Passport ?

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I wanted to renew my passport.

    I had the following queries:
    1. My passport has expired on 22.09.2012, so can it be renewed.
    2. After my passport is renewed will it be couriered at my house address or is there an option to collect my renewed passport from passport office itself.

    Looking ahead for your reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi Akansha,
      You may want to re apply as you do for a fresh passport. There is an option to collect the passport from your nearest post office. Do check the passport website for more info.


  2. Sir/Madam,

    My passport has expired in the month of OCT’2011. I want to renew the same in my new address. Or I have to apply for a new passport with new address.
    Kindly advice.

    1. Hi Dilip, as your passport has expired, apply for a new passport and provide your documents pertaining to the new address.. it doesnt make much of a difference as any alteration in the old passport has to be applied via the same process i.e. process that is used for application of new passport

  3. Recently i applied passport through online,in that i metioned my old address, while going to document verfication can i change my address ??
    Please tel me immediately possible or not?

  4. I GOT MY PASSport in the yrs of 2010 now v have shifted in other place i want the new address to b in my passport how to change the new address and how long it will take time can u pls reply?

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to change the address of my passport and I recently moved in to the new place. So I do not have the 1 year bank statement and 1 year electricity bill. Also my passport will expire in Oct. Please guide me as how to deal this case.
    Many thanks in advance.. Aneetha K

  6. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to change the address of my passport and I recently moved in to the new place. So I do not have the 1 year bank statement and 1 year electricity bill. Also my passport will expire in Feb 2015. Please guide me as how to deal this case.
    Many thanks in advance.. Aneetha K

    1. Hi Aneetha, where there is a will there is a way 🙂 do go by the same process for application. Since, you have stayed at your present address for less than 12 months, please write your previous address in Column 3 of the Supplementary form.

      Hope this answers your query. If no do drop a msg and we will be happy to help.
      Ta !!

  7. Hi,

    I missed new no in the address field when i submit the passport application through on line ,
    But now i need to add the new no in the address, it is possible before going to passport office to add the no in document.

    Please reply

    i got appointment on Wednesday to meet passport office

  8. Dear Sir,

    We bought a new house in Sept 2014 and Procedure for Light Bill Transfer and BMC transfer is in Progress.
    We do have a original of Sale deed and NOC of Family Members.

    Could U please tell me how to change my Address in Passport and Document Required?


    1. Hi Ravindra,
      Since you have all the required NOC’s, Sale Deed etc… It is recommended that you wait for the Light Bill Transfer. Then the application will be simplified. Also since you wont be 1 years bill you need to mention old address in column 3 of the supplementary form.

      Do share our website with your friends. If you feel this was helpful.

  9. Respected sir,
    if any passport holder has shifted from rajasthan to madhya pradesh then what is the procedure to change the address from rajasthan to madhya pradesh,please help me in knowing it..
    yours sincerly,
    sharad agrawal

    1. Hi Sharad,
      You have to re apply for a fresh passport. And the list of documents more or less remains the same. There is nothing to worry. But you need to have a valid Address Proof and other documents as mentioned in the article. I assume you are new to Madhya Pradesh so you wont be having 1 years electricity bill or other bills. In such cases mention your old address in column 3 of the supplementary form. Rest all documents are standard.

  10. Dear Sir/madam. I want to change my wife address in her passport. I have proof of rationcard and marriage certificate for the address to be changed is that documents enough for the change of address.

  11. Need to change the address in passport, but i dont have 1 yr bank statement with new address and 1 yr electricity bill, but i can produce recent electricity bills , will that be sufficient, kindly advice

    1. As you wont be having 1 years electricity bill or other bills. In such cases mention your old address in column 3 of the supplementary form. Rest all documents are standard.

  12. Hello
    I have got my new passport made just recently and very much after that, we had moved our house. Though we are just moved to another wing in the same society with rest of the address remaining the same…
    Can you suggest me what should be done,,,I mean is there a way where only address is changed in the passport or do we have to go thru the entire procedure of getting a new passport….We are 4 members in the family….
    Many thanks…

  13. Hi,
    My address was incorrect in my passport, i had sent it for correction and i got it with the updated address in handwritten form on one of the pages in the same passport.

    Few countries dont accept such changes in hand written form. Plz suggest me how to go about it

  14. Dear Sir,

    I have bought a new house and we shifted to that new house very recently and I would like to apply for address change in passport. I have EB transfer letter and Sale deed as proofs. Will these be sufficient proofs?
    And The old address in my passport was very old I shift from there years ago. Should I need to mention that address in the passport application?

    1. Documents u have seems fine. As you wont be having 1 years electricity bill or other bills. In such cases mention your old address in column 3 of the supplementary form. Rest all documents are standard.

    1. There is no seperate procedure. Any change in the passport calls for a re-issuance. Procedure is same that you need to follow. Browse the passport section of the website for the documentation etc..

  15. Hi Sir,

    My passport is about to expire in a couple of months. I also need to update my new address in my passport.. Do i need to apply for Fresh passport ? or Re-Issue of passport?


    1. Fresh or Re-issue, process is the same. Just select re-issue it might just save your time with police verification. However, its again at the disposal of the passport officer.

  16. Myself and my wife want to change the addrress in our passport as we have shifted to our own flat. Flat is in the name of my wife and will it suffice the purpose of address proof for me too? If not, than what would be the documents that I have to produce as address proof?

  17. Hi, I was issued a Passport 2 years back when I was studying in college hostel. So the Passport has my hostel address printed which is different from my permanent address. Now I have moved to Bangalore for my job. Now to change the address, I should have my Bangalore residential address as my present address right? But I stay in a PG(paying guest) where they dont provide any telephone bill/electricity bill or there is no rental agreement provided. In this case what should I do?

    1. In your case its very difficult to get a passport for the PG Address then as a registered lease agreement is a must.

  18. Dear

    In my passporr i have address of delhi but due to some reason police verification failed.so now i want to change my address which is of sonipat haryana.
    Can you guide me with procedure.

  19. I and my husband require re issue of passport due to change of address, is marriage certificate and NOC from our respective departments required for this purpose?

  20. Hi,
    My passport is about to expire in December 2015, it was issued at Kolkata address; which is my permanent address. Now i stay in Bangalore; recently shifted in New house so don’t have 1 year Bill and other stuff. So can i renew my Kolkata passport from Bangalore passport Office and get it delivered in kolkata address?

    1. Hope you have a valid registered lease agreement. On the basis of this and an NOC from your society/landlord you can start the application process.

  21. Hi..


    1. Yes. Apply online. And it will be the same process you did for getting your passport. Every change is now considered as a fresh application.

  22. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I have shifted to a new place but the present address printed in passport is of older one. Do i need to change it to current location for applying visa?
    If so, how much time it will take to do that.
    I am staying in current location for less than a year.


    1. Hi Gaurav,
      Its always good to change the address and having the updated one. It will take you around a week if you apply in Tatkal provided you have your aadhar card, age proof (school leaving certificate), Pan Card and electricity bill (whole list is available when you browse thru the documentation section of the passport website). You will have to obtain NOC from your new land lord and then proceed.
      For your less than a year issue, you need to mention old address in the colomn 2.

  23. Thanks for the great article. Although, I guess I need some more help.

    I am staying at my new residence(rented) for the past 3 months. The one where I stayed before this was also a rented apartment but nobody stays there(so in case I put the previous address in the second column, no one will be available there for verification).

    So both these addresses are for Bangalore. My passport was issued when I was in Ranchi(and we were staying in a govt. quarter). Right now no one stays there. My aadhar card is linked with the address of my home in Bilaspur and I have no other id proof!!

    I know, it is a bit messed up. But it would be great if you could provide some guidance on how to proceed further.


    1. Hi Abhinav,

      If its a rented premise, there will be a land lord. Give the old address and provide contacts of your land lord for verification. This seems to be the best solution.


  24. I am from Kerala and now living in Dehradun for the past three years. My Passport, which was issued in kerala many years ago, is due to expire next year. Can I apply for renewal of my Passport at Dehradun? Or should I apply for renewal in Kerala only? I have SBI photo passbook and Gas connection as address proof for my Dehradun address.

    1. Yes you surely can.. however if its a rented residence do not forget to take the noc from your landlord and copy of your registered lease agreement.

  25. Hello,
    I have a passport with next 10 years validity. However the address on the passport is no more valid. It was a rented house and I have changed many houses ever since. Am I supposed to keep updating the passport every time I change to a new house ?

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Sid
      There is no provision of addition of new address to an old passport. You have to go in for a re issuance. As long as it doesnt effect your travel you may choose to either change it or keep the same.

  26. Hello Sir / Madam,

    I would like to change the address on my password as per my new location. One of the mandatory required documents are “Society NOC”; however, the society hasnot yet been formed and as such cannot have the Society NOC on society letter head/stamp. Is there a way out? Or can I still get the addressed changed on my password without society NOC?

  27. Hi

    I stay with my brother in that case if i have to change my address what do i need to submit for address change i have a passport allready with different address and also along with this i want to update my surname as well i have affidavit showing the change and i also upadted same in pan card also

  28. the charge for changing address is 1500. It is too high. I have four members. Can it be endorsed my new address in the old passport without the procedure of reissue?

  29. I am from Maharashtra, I got my & my wife’s passport renewed in June 2014 from Deharadun with address printed on passport of Haldwani, Dist Nainital. Now I am going back to Pune, Maharashtra at my native place.I would like to change my currrent address on passport to permanent address of Pune, Maharashtra, Pl guide me for the procedure to be followed for change of address.

    1. The procedure for address change is the same as the procedure for a fresh passport. The documents list is the same as mentioned in this article. If you have the 12 months light bills/bank statements for your Pune home, it would simplify your application.

  30. Hi, I went through all your replies. you are doing a good job. i need more help regarding change in address. the new house has been recently bought (3 months ago) and its on my mom’s name. Will society NOC be enough as a document for me and my dad to change new address in my passport and my parents don’t have a marriage certificate. What can be done?

    1. Thanks Priyesha, words of appreciation has always been a motivation..
      In your case the NOC from the society will do, however best is to have an affidavit done my your mother stating that you guys stay with her in the mentioned property. As you wont be having 1 years electricity bill or other bills. In such cases mention your old address in column 3 of the supplementary form. Rest all documents are standard.
      As for your father, you need to get an affidavit signed by your parents confirming their marriage and the lawyer making the affidavit will have the text to be put in the affidavit. You might have to take passport photos of your parents to be put up on the affidavit. Rest all documents are standard. Try and provide as much documents as possible but keeping in mind that you do not confuse or create doubts in the mind of the authorities.

  31. Hi Sir
    I have made my fresh passport last year in october but due to my mistake when applying last number of my pincode in address was printed wrong which is 721303 and the correct one is 721304. Both the pincode comes under the kharagpur main post office. So will it create a prblm in future ? Do i need to apply for re issue of passport. Kindly pls reply

    1. Hi Manpreet,
      Passport is one of the most important documents and having the right information on it is very important. I would suggest you go ahead and change it.

  32. i just need to add an extra line to my already exisitng address, do i need to produce all the documents?
    in my adresss the state is not mentioned and i wan to include that

    1. Any change will be treated as a new application as you will be issued a new passport except that the police verification wont happen. Hence the passport will be issued a little quicker.

  33. I have purchased a house which is very much near my old house and is under the very same police jurisdiction. Should I apply for change in address in my Passport even if my earlier house is also owned y me

    1. Hi Ravi,
      Its your choice. If you are OK to go through the entire application process, you may go ahead and change it.

  34. Hi Sir/Madam,
    I want to apply for passport but all my proofs are on old rented address.At present i do not have any proofs on present address.
    I ask you to suggest how i can apply with present address.

    1. Mr. Chary,
      It is very difficult to get a passport in your situation. It all depends what address proof you have for your current address? We wont be able to suggest here.

  35. my parents need to apply for renewal of password as well as change of address. currently they stay with me and all address proofs are on my name. what documents do they require for address change ?

    1. Hi Pooja,
      You need to submit a copy of your passport along-with your documents. However, you passport should have their names in it.


  36. Hello Sir,
    My passport has expired on June 16 & address in passport is diff from present address. What should I do? Shall I apply for new passport or renew the address?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Buddy
      Since the address is different go in for a fresh application as they will insist on a police verification of your new address.

  37. Hello sir/madam,
    My mother’s passport had the wrong gender printed. It has been around 6 years since the passport was issued and we only noticed it recently while preparing documents for a visa. We also shifted from Delhi to Faridabad 3 years back so along with gender we also want to update the address in her passport so we have applied for re-issue for address change. Is the voter card sufficient for the change in address? Because the electricity and phone bills are in my father’s name but my mother has a voter card of current address. And the gender will automatically get corrected once the passport is re-issued with the changed address? Also how long would it take since we have to travel in 2 months.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Vidushi
      She can use the documents in your fathers name provided she has a marriage certificate.
      The process would be the same. You are correct in mentioning that both the Gender and address change in passport can happen at a single go. Try appying under Tatkal if you want it quickly. Usually the passport is issued within a month.

  38. Hi, We need to renew my mother in law passport. She is staying with us, but she doesn’t have any address proof in this address. And she is staying with us from past 3 years. Please suggest.

    1. Hi,
      She can use your husbands passport and other documents for her address proof. I believe your husband has her name in his passport.

  39. I want to make changes in address as in passport printing mistake is there so inform me now what to do further for making correct address

  40. i was apply for normal passport and i have mentioned my present address and permanent address both are same but at the time of police verification they were said that you have to change your permanent address so police verification was not cleared.
    so i want to change my permanent address.so please guide me what are the procedure to change my permanent address.Thanks.

  41. Hi, my sister has applied for passport and it is in process but in the mean time we are shifting and need to move to other part of the city before the appointment date what to do?

    1. Hi Santosh,
      You really cant do much. Either you hold on your shifting process or re-apply. This an an important document and should always carry the right information.

  42. Hii..
    I applied for the passport & then suddenly we needed to shift our house next to our street, After completing the enquairy at our new house. But, I didn’t get my passport yet. Soo what docoments do i need to get my pasport??

    1. Hi Aziz
      We couldnt get your question well. Do you mean the police enquiry that happens after the application. We need this clarity to suggest you.

      The Adcasters Team

  43. Hi,
    My passport is going to expire on 28th Aug 2016. I have to change my residential address as I have shifted from the address specified in the current passport. My husband passed away recently which I need to rectify in my passport. I have Aadhar card, bank pass book and driving licence as address proofs for the new address. I also have the death certificate of my husband. Can you please guide me how to go about in getting the passport renewed?

  44. Hi
    I was trying to get my address changed in my passport. My passport was issued last yr in Blore.. So it bears permanent and present add of Blore. No one lives there now I wish to get Kolkata address on it now but when I enter.. It says its registered with Blore RPO and present add should be within same jurisdiction.

  45. Dear sir,
    My name is M.Srinivasa Rao. I want to change my address in passport. My passport will expire on 02-10-2016. Now please tell me list of documents to enclose with passport. Shall I renewal my running passport with new address or apply new passport with new address. And when shall I book my slot for renewal my passport?
    Thanking you sir.

  46. Admin, here can u plz help me ,i m really exhausted how can i apply for a passport. My reason, my permanant address (home address) and temperory address ( pg address) different . I have moved to delhi for my job. Now to change the address, I should have my delhi residential address as my present address right? But I stay in a PG(paying guest) where they dont provide any telephone bill/electricity bill or there is no rental agreement provided. I have bank passbook, 10th marksheet, pan card, birth certificate, and not at all any present address proof, only present bank address proof. In this case what should I do? And also if i change the pg, so where the police verification would be done?

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